Aside from trademarks, what distinguishes a consumer from another?

When I purchase a branded product, let’s say for example, a watch, my goal isn’t merely to own an object that will tell me the time or that has specific technical characteristics (water resistant, shock-proof).  It’s also, and above all, to acquire a piece of the immaterial. Through the trademark, I aim for a particular lifestyle, a world beyond the ordinary. I assert my differences, advocate certain values, and express my affiliation to a group.

It’s clear that much of a product’s value resides within the trademark. A trademark is an identity, an element of individualization from competitors, a fidelity vector linking the consumer to the product.

Founding a trademark, it’s building an essential structural support for sales.

But how do you create a trademark that will be a true, profit generating asset for your business? And how do you protect your trademark in a ferociously competitive environment.

What can we do to help?

We start by assessing the “registrability” of your trademark: does it meet protection requisites? We then determine its accessibility by conducting an availability search: could a third party’s identical or similar prior right hinder your plans? Could this be overcome?

We further define the best strategy according to your needs: is it really necessary to file this trademark? If the answer is no, then what are the risks of not doing so? If the answer is yes, then should you file your mark in France only, or should you seek international protection? How?

Once the strategy is set, we prepare, draft, and file your trademark application in France, Europe and/or all over the world.

Obtaining the registration of a trademark is not instantaneous. A trademark only becomes registered after having successfully passed a number of procedural phases, a period which can stretch several months, sometimes years. At Degret, we are here to assist you every step of the way: examination, publication, opposition, granting.

Once registered, we monitor your mark for any potential third party infringement and move swiftly to terminate any such behavior.

Additionally, we ensure that any change having occurred against your trademark (assignment, license, limitation of the designated goods, declaration of use…) is duly registered with the proper authorities, so that it may be efficiently renewed when such time comes.

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