This is a “sewing patent”

When we place a telephone call, work with a computer, stir food with a spatula, or wear clothing to practice sports, we use inventions that were patented. Without knowing it, we make daily use of hundreds of patents.

These patents are markers of technical innovation for the consumer and synonyms of potential commercial success for the companies that developed them. But success breeds envy, and that is why your innovations must be protected.

And that’s where we come in – to protect and develop the value of your inventions. How?

As a first step, we define the patentability of your invention: What is its technical content? What is the state of the Art? Are there prior patents that could potentially prevent you from acquiring your own?

As a second step, we carefully draft your patent application to ensure that your invention is perfectly described and is technically patentable. The reputed patent drafting experience of our experts guarantees you will obtain an optimal level of protection in case of a dispute.

As a third step, in collaboration with our experts and in accordance with a strategy adapted to your project, our administrative teams file your application in France, Europe, or anywhere else in the world if necessary.  We attend to and monitor all validation and registration procedures required until the time of granting of your patent.

At Degret, we believe that our job isn’t merely to accompany you through good times, but to escort you when disputes arise and your rights need defending.  We are authorized to represent your interests before the French Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, or the World Intellectual Property Office.

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