There’s nothing more infuriating than seeing competitors pillage your creations.

Appearance is what differentiates a beautiful car from a simple automobile, or a famous designer dress from a plain ready-to-wear dress. Shape is what attracts attention. Design is what seduces. And we all know that visual appeal plays a determining role in the act of purchase. Through its appearance, an object can become seductive, thereby increasing in market value. A business’ ability to create designs is the best way for a business to preserve its standing in a competitive market, and even gain market shares.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have that ability.

For them, it sometimes becomes necessary to imitate.

So, how do you protect yourself from such counterfeiters? How should you react when other companies use designs that resemble your own? How do you defend your rights? Can you claim copyrights? Unless you remain vigilant, you run the risk of losing the efforts and investments you spent towards the development of your product.

At Degret, you will get the help you need to acquire and defend your designs, in France and abroad.

We are also here to assist you in obtaining the best out of your rights, by drafting sound contracts, license agreements, and deeds of assignment.

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