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Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense

The quality of a company’s intellectual property is an inherent component of its value. The propensity of a product to carry a positive image and attract the consumers’ interest plays an important role in the price they are willing to pay to acquire it. Potential for innovation and customer fidelity are decisive competitive advantages that stimulate growth and profit. Failing to protect these assets is to take the risk of losing your lead over competitors. It’s risking losing it all.

How does one go about protecting an invention, a name, a shape? How can I defend myself against infringers of my patents, trademarks or designs?

So many questions to which we bring you specific answers.

Beyond listening to your needs, providing counsel, and developing the value of your trademarks, designs, and patents, our mission is to protect your rights against any and all assault. And, if defending your interest requires going on the offensive, we will not hesitate.

Through our panel of qualifications in all domains of intellectual property and new information and communication technologies, discover the expertise you need to ensure sustainability of your identity and your innovations.

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